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Thank you for your interest in our report on accelerated cost reduction strategies for IT and back office operations

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How To Accelerate Cost Reduction Within
Your IT and Back Office Operations

If accelerating the pace of cost reduction within your IT and back office operations is a critical issue for you then request our report  by clicking here.

For over 25 years we have assisted financial institutions that are frustrated with IT and back office cost reduction programmes that promise the world but fail to deliver measurable and sustainable results. Leading financial institutions and technology companies including: AOL, AXA and Citicorp have all increased their profitability using proven approaches and methodologies that build on the processes and systems that you most likely already have in place. Fundamentally, anyone can cut costs using 'slash and burn' approaches that give short-term relief to budget pressures, however the only way these cost reductions can be sustainable is by improving the underlying productivity of your people and processes.

We don't believe that this needs to be an overly complicated process, nor should it take many months and years to implement. In fact our clients will attest that our system will enable you to achieve:

  • Productivity increases of 10%-15% in 90-120 days within key service processes in your IT and back office operations.
  • Reduce your costs by 20-30% through more aggressive use of Outsourcing.
  • Reduce labour costs by 25-65% through more extensive use of Offshoring.
  • Reduce the service quality gap by 50% between Offshore and Outsourced operations and inhouse operations within 90-120 days.
  • Reduce the cost of external products and services by an average of 13%.
  • Eliminate demand on IT services by 10-25% by business departments (and have them be happier about your IT support).
  • Reducing the overall IT project and investment portfolio spend by 25% whilst increasing cost reductions delivered to IT and business operations.

If you've been concerned by the slow pace of cost reduction, then you owe it to yourself to request a free copy of our most recent report. It will take you less than 15 minutes to read and these are just some of the invaluable insights that you will learn:

  • The one factor that prevents your cost reduction programmes delivering rapid results. Change this and all the other pieces fall into place.
  • Why do Lean and Six Sigma approaches get stuck after initial success? The answer may surprise you.
  • What is holding back your ability to pursue outsourcing and offshoring strategies with much greater pace and impact?
  • Why do so many banks find IT transformation programmes fail to deliver their promised results?
  • Why most investments in automation, image and workflow solutions are likely to turn into little more than a sinkhole of wasted money.
  • Why so many of your IT and back office productivity initiatives result in a lot of noise but very little in terms of cost reduction. The good news is that by focusing on this one area you can improve your revenues in less than 120 days.
  • These are the two issues your cost reduction plan should relentlessly focus on. Ignore them and your strategy will flounder.
  • Ultimately, sustainable cost reduction is about increasing your productivity. In order to be successful you must focus on stimulating this one factor.
  • Why the productivity of your IT and back office operations is likely to be decreasing. The answer has to do in large part with the natural impact of new product, compliance and technology changes. And yet, what is the key factor that is frequently ignored that is undermining your long-term efforts to reduce costs and improve service?
  • The three questions you must ask yourself before embarking on any cost reduction initiative.

If reducing your IT and back office costs significantly is mission critical, I can guarantee that you'll find the information in our report to be helpful and immense value to you. Remember, it's free and you can request it by clicking here.

I appreciate your interest in this key topic.
Best wishes John.
John Corr (Managing Partner - City Process Management).