Case Studies

We've helped our clients make significant cost reductions within their IT, back office and service delivery operations

Q. What results can you expect from working with City Process Management?
A. We guarantee to deliver significant cost reductions to your IT and back office operations without damaging your service to customers and front-office operations.
This portfolio of success stories will give you a good sense of the kind of problems we work with, how we approach them and the kind of results we can get for you.
Making a success of Post-Merger Cost Reduction & Rationalisation
How we helped increase profitability by over 100 million following the merger & integration of multiple dispersed business operations.
Delivering the promised benefits of Shared Service Optimisation
How we helped reduce IT operating costs by 25% following deployment of a shared services business model.
Delivering Call Centre Productivity Improvements & Cost Reductions
How we helped reduce call centre costs dramatically within 90 days without investing in IT.
How you can maximise your RoI from Project Portfolio Optimisation
How our project optimization framework helped reduce the overall cost of new project developments by 25% whilst accelerating the delivery of strategic IT projects.
Saving Labour Costs AND Increasing Efficiency of Offshored Service Centres
Many firms turn to offshore back office and call centres to reduce their operating costs (effectively through applying labour rate arbitrage) however firms frequently overlook the opportunity for further gains through increasing the efficiency of the offshored operations. How we helped to improve significantly the efficiency of Offshored back office operations.
Increasing Customer Satisfaction in Offshore Call Centre Operations
How we helped eliminate the customer service experience deficit following moving customer facing call centre operations offshore whilst retaining the substantial labour cost savings from "offshoring".
Managing Risk for accelerated delivery of complex IT initiatives
How more effective risk management accelerated the delivery of complex IT capabilities & infrastructure to help deliver more effective customer service with lower costs.
Replacing IT Core Processing Infrastructure & Systems without jeopardising customer service
How a major bank replaced & upgraded major core systems to support major business strategic initiatives without disrupting existing service delivery and customer satisfaction thanks to enhanced programme, risk & service management disciplines.
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