We focus on delivering sustainable cost reductions in IT and back office operations for financial institutions

What’s it like to work with City Process Management on your team?
On this page we’ll tell you a little about the results clients have enjoyed working with us and we’ll also give you a sense of our guiding beliefs, approach to client projects and how we’re different from most Project Management & IT consulting firms.
What results can you expect from our help?
You can expect the following results from working with us:
An overall cost reduction of at least 10-15% within your overall IT and back office spending. 
A 25-40% productivity increase in IT and back office processes. You will see tangible improvements within 30 days.
An average 13% reduction in spending on external products and services related to IT and back office operations. 
At least 20% savings from more aggressive outsourcing without impacting service levels.
You can implement more extensive offshoring to realise 25-65% cost reductions without impacting service levels.
You can eliminate 50% of the service quality deficit in existing outsourced and offshored operations without increasing costs within 90 days.
You can reshape your project portfolio to reduce project spending by 25% and realise higher cost reductions.
Our guiding beliefs
Results count more than reports. We focus on delivering you tangible performance improvements rather than hundreds of pages of powerpoint presentations and reports.
Creating customer value is the fundamental foundation of shareholder value of financial institutions. Perhaps we may be guilty of stating the obvious, but customers are the lifeblood of any business. We believe that IT and back office operations exist to help businesses serve their customers in ever more effective ways. By focusing on what matters most for customers and eliminating non-value added activities, you can achieve dramatic sustainable cost reductions in your IT and back office operations.
Simplicity and pace beat complexity. Our observation is that many IT and back office cost reduction programmes are undermined by their dependency on huge IT based 'enterprise level' investments. Rarely do these programmes live up to their promise. Regardless, their extended implementation times and difficulties in realising their business and financial benefits means that you are unlikely to see benefits this financial year.
Our approach
Helping you close the 'Execution Gap' between knowing what needs to be done and actual doing it is where we can help you make a difference.  It’s rare that we find a situation where significant cost reduction opportunities have not been identified - but have these opportunities been realised?  Given the painful situation created by the 'credit crunch' and the complexities of IT and back office operations in financial institutions, many organisations can get trapped in inaction, or 'analysis paralysis' or even obsessive planning but with limited actions being taken that meet their problems square on. We are convinced of the virtue of providing significant performance improvements within 30-90 day timescales to build confidence and momentum in your success.
The 80/20 rule allows you in focusing your efforts to have maximum impact in moving you forward. Alfredo Pareto documented the 80/20 'Pareto' principle over a hundred years ago, that as a general rule in life 80% of results arise from 20% of causes. This is a powerful principle when applied to cost reduction initiatives. 80% of the value of your project is likely to arise from 20% of the scope. 80% of the difficulties you are facing could be resolved by eliminating the root causes of 20% of your issues and problems. By applying this principle, we can help you structure and implement a much more effective cost reduction programme than by more resource intensive approaches.
There are simpler, faster more powerful approaches you can use. A 'Rubik's cube' puzzle looks incredibly complex and difficult to solve. And yet the official world record is 9.18 seconds by Edouard Chambon (France) in the 2008 World Championships. The puzzle can be solved this quickly by applying strategies and principles that make this seemingly impossible problem simple to solve. We bring you proven strategies, tools and techniques that enable you to achieve similarly dramatic results in terms of delivering rapid, sustainable cost reductions within your IT and back office operations.
Now that you have learned HOW WE WORK and the kinds of results we are committed, perhaps its now time to see how we can help you with OUR SERVICES.