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We can help you accelerate your IT and back office cost reduction

How can City Process Management’s services help you be more successful?
City Process Management helps the senior executives responsible for cost reduction, service and productivity improvements within their IT and back office operations. From, short-term tactical help in diagnosing problem projects or carrying out 'fix and repair' on failing projects through to the more strategic assistance you might want to help you maximise the effectiveness and commercial benefits delivered from your overall IT and back office cost reduction programmes. In all cases, our promise is to help you  increase cost reductions delivered, in much shorter timescales at much lower execution risk.
City-IT Smart Spend
Do you need to accelerate your IT cost reduction?  Do your colleagues particularly in Finance ask you difficult questions over why it takes so much time, effort and investment to make significant performance improvements in IT cost effectiveness? What if there was a way that you could deliver sustainable IT cost reductions at a much faster pace, with significantly greater impact? We can help you:
Deliver your current cost reduction targets within less than half the time currently envisaged
Increase the cost reductions delivered by your IT project and investment portfolio by 50-100% at no additional cost
Deliver cost reductions between 13-40% in specific key IT budget items
Reduce your execution risk significantly across your overall IT project and investment portfolio
All of our 'IT Smart Spend' projects come with a 'no quibble' fees guarantee that you are completely satisfied with the results we help you deliver.
City-Process Transformation
Are your process productivity improvement initiatives running out of steam? Many financial institutions after enjoying initial success have found that there process improvement and Business Process Reengineering initiatives are no longer producing the results they need. In response to the 'credit crunch' many IT and back office functions have seen severe budget and headcount cuts imposed on them, however the demands placed on them to operate complex processes with high service quality are unchanged. These functions now need to deliver significant productivity improvements within their people and processes to meet the demanding service delivery expectations placed on them. We can help you revitalise your productivity improvements to see rapid productivity improvements and ultimately delivering significant productivity improvements alongside enhanced service delivery. We can help you:
Increase your process productivity by 25-40% within IT and back office operations
See meaningful productivity improvements within 30 days
Improve service quality from your customer's perspective
All of our 'Process Transformation' projects come with a 'no quibble' fees guarantee that you are completely satisfied with the improvements delivered to your key service processes.
City-Service Transformation
Are your customers and front-line business units suffering from disappointing service delivery for offshore and outsourced service operations? Offshoring can offer attractive cost reductions of 25-65% compared to your existing operations whilst in our experience, you can expect to make 20-30% savings from effective outsourcing. So what's the catch that is holding back financial institutions advancing these key strategies more aggressively? It boils down to significant issues over the service quality delivered. Organisations that have factored in the cost of poor service to front-line business units and the impact of lost revenues from 'customer churn' have found that most if not all the financial benefits of offshoring and outsourcing can be lost. We can help you:
By eliminating 50% of your service quality gap within 90-120 days.
All of our 'Service Transformation' projects come with a 'no quibble' fees guarantee that you are completely satisfied with the improvements delivered to your key service processes.
City-Project Diagnostics
Are you confident that you understand the root causes of your key issues and what it would take to fix them? We offer sophisticated project diagnostic tools to assess the status of key strategic projects. We provide you with an independent, expert perspective on your current situation and confidential feedback on what needs to be done for you to be successful. You may wish to carry out:
A rapid assessment high-level scan of your entire project portfolio (we call this a “Level 0 diagnostic”) to identify high impact projects at significant risk of failure
A more detailed assessment of individual projects (we call this a “Level 1 diagnostic”)
A deep dive to get fully to grips (we call this a “Level 2 diagnostic) with the status and root causes of problems on a major strategic project.
All of our diagnostic reviews come with a “no quibble” fees guarantee that you are completely satisfied with our analysis and recommendations.
City-Project Fix & Repair
Do you need to get your strategic project back on track rapidly? Some firms believe in carrying out elaborate, extensive time consuming somewhat academic analytical reviews of strategic projects, "an audit approach" of telling you what's wrong without actually resolving fundamental problems.
We can begin helping you immediately through completing a rapid “fix and repair” to put back your strategic project back on the rails. Our objective is to diagnose, determine root causes and carry out a rapid 30 day action programme to put you back in confident control.
City-Project Execution
Do you just need competent, experienced expertise immediately to help you get the job done now? With the ever increasing pace of competition and ever growing demands from regulation, the demands for resources to deliver your strategic project agenda can soon outstrip your pool of capable, highly experienced individuals. Your faced then with a choice of scaling back your ambitions or looking for appropriate help to help you over demand peaks. We can help you by providing experienced programme management experts, risk management specialists or simply come in and set up a fully functioning programme office for you. Your own staff can then take over when everything is back on track.
Now that you know a little about WHO WE SERVE, HOW WE WORK and OUR SERVICES, you may be curious about how we create results in an organisation? What kinds of challenges have we helped clients resolve? Read our CASE STUDIES that illustrate actual results our clients have enjoyed.